February 6, 2015

Component 2 – Argue

Over the last 30 years, technology has permitted us to do things that were considered unachievable and has now doubtlessly made numerous tasks far simpler. However, with this evolving, it has had many negative impacts and effects on our lives. We find ourselves living in a world where we can tell our heart rates using our phones; where driver-less cars are on the production line and online retailers are delivering via unmanned drones. We must ask ourselves, are we as humans becoming too reliant on technology?

As time passes, technology will continue to evolve and this eventually has a very negative impact on our generation and those of the future. The distressing and unacceptable truth is that with the development of new devices our IQ gradually worsen. According to my perception, we are allowing this to overtake our lives and therefore we are becoming too reliant on its power. Imagine your life without your phone. Or better yet, imagine your life without internet. Phones have now overtaken the habit of drugs and have become the worst source of addiction in our generation. It has enabled modernization and destroyed traditions whereby both females and males ignore customs and rituals rooted by their ancestors and focus solely on what the modern world has provided us with. Even the education system, has weakened as young people are now reliant on ‘the easy way out’ – why would you write an essay when you could find it online? For example, if a person spelt a word wrong, all they’d have to do is simply ‘spell check’ it. This means the person can automatically configure their mistakes but they would not be able to recall this word later on. Consequently, in my opinion, this example is pivotal in understanding the detrimental impact technology has on people.

Even though it is clear that this modernization has had a magnificent progressive achievement on science, I strongly feel that this expanding has had a destructive impact on jobs. Due to the continuously constant innovation of technology, many jobs have become far easier. Jobs such as investment banking and stock trading have become easier than ever thanks to the incredibly fast paced internet and online transactions which have allowed the people in these fields to use it for their own benefit. A longitudinal study completed in 1970 and then followed up in 2010 indicated that 89% of workers found their jobs harder in 1970 than in 2010 where technology practically does everything electronically for them? Why study so hard to end up in a job that tests their ICT capabilities rather than mental? Furthermore, factories have spent their money on new machines that have replaced many workers. Some humans are now unemployed due to these high-tech machines and this is a fine example of full-size corporations becoming reliant on technology. What happens if a machine stops working? Therefore, our dependency can sometimes result in many issues arising. As a result, I passionately believe that equipment expertise is causing a reliance on technology that is leading to negative irreversible effects on the population.

The World Health Organization director stated that ‘ people have become so dependent on computers and games that physical activity rates have decreased and obesity drastically increased, especially in the U.S where technology has overpowered everyone’s lives’. Many years ago, children used to run around and enjoy their free time outside of their houses by practising sports such as football. However, due to us becoming too reliant, children of this generation would rather sit at home watching television or play games on their PS4. As a result of this, there has been a massive decrease in grades as young people are spending more time on social media such as Facebook and Instagram rather than on physical activity. Official statistics signify that overall grades have dropped from 54% A* to C in 2005 to 43% in 2014. People will use their phone while in the gym, check their phones while eating dinner and even stay up playing consoles all night. So much things in this generation that it is almost making us less humane. We’d rather stare at a phone as a means of communication, than meet face to face and have social discussions.

In summarisation, I overpoweringly feel that humans should rely less on technology and slowly emerge to the traditional way of living. We are all so dependent on technology that a simple electricity cut can cause a disastrous outcome of a company losing all its data within seconds. What happened to pen and paper? What happened to enjoying each other’s company? What happened to going out to play in the park? All these simple life choices have been conquered by our reliance in technology. As a result, it is time to change this and prosper for the future.

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  1. Here you go…

    1) The work we put into your introduction has really paid off. Try to keep that tone throughout.

    2) Avoid saying ‘an example of this’ or ‘an example of that’, what you should concentrate on is introducing your opinion. ‘I believe this’ ‘It is obvious to me that’…

    3) Overall, the piece is very informative, which is good. What’s lacking is your personality. Focus on things like rhetorical questions, emphasis and dramatic language to engage the audience.

    4) ‘A massive cause of technology’ ..?

    5) Does the piece work as a whole? Does each paragraph provide another reason why we are becoming too reliant on technology. I can see a couple that don’t, or at least not clearly.

    Have a go!

  2. Hello Eltigani,

    I support Jordan’s targets raised above. This has lots of potential to help you achieve your target grade but still needs work.

    Stick with Jordan’s targets!


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